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The following links will take you to posts involving a continually growing collection of resources I have compiled over the years. Many of them are scientific in nature, such as the collection of links in current anti-viral research, but there are also a growing portion which are more general, such as my link repository on free books and literature.

This page will act as a parent for these posts so that you may easily navigate to them when you deem yourself in need of their resources.


General Resource Directory 

  1. Free Books & Literature

Research & Laboratory Aid Directory

  1. Free Chemistry Software & Resources
  2. Lab Techniques/Manuals
  3. Media Recipes
  4. Solution Recipes
  5. Calculations/Calculators

Scientific Journal & Database Directory

  1. Biochemistry Journals
  2. Microbiology & Virology Journals
  3. Organic Chemistry Journals
  4. Inorganic Chemistry Journals
  5. Analytical Chemistry Journals

Medical & Pharmaceutical Directory

  1. Medical
  2. Pharmaceutical
    1. Anti-Viral Drug Resources

Science Search Directory

  1. STEM Search Engines, MetaCrawlers, & More
  2. Science Web Directories


Let me know if these resources are helpful to you, I love getting feed back. Please message me if you find a broken link! Good luck studying!



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