I would like to formally introduce Rexix Media, a new company I have founded which will focus on utilizing social media platforms to help distribute current scientific research as well as study aid material.

The creation of educational media, either by podcast or video upload, is a current project underway here at our offices and we are very excited as we continue to work towards its implementation. Study aid material will cover a variety of STEM based subjects, including but not limited to intermediate and advanced college mathematics, physics, genetics, biochemistry.

Current test audiences developed from local university student populations have highly rated the video tutorials currently under development. These students have enjoyed and benefited from the new medias open and easy teaching style and we expect once recording and editing is finished that our global audience will benefit from our presence on the internet.

Again, at this time a variety of technical issues are being addressed. Please be patient and check back for new videos weekly.

In the mean time make sure to subscribe!

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